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Kings Conflict is an inventive mix of Turn based strategy, Trading Card GameRisk and Chess where two players battle it out for supremacy, with the last king alive being crowned the winner.

As in Chess, players must protect their king at all costs, but instead of pawns, bishops and horsies to protect you, you have a deck of cards.  There are around 90 varied and well thought-out cards cards in the game at present, with each one costing gold to place on the map and using up a set amount of food per turn.  Once on the map, you can move, attack, buff and occupy blocks of terrain with them.  A little like Risk, terrain that you occupy and control will generate you more gold and food.

There are a few more rules, but everything is covered in the well implemented tutorial, which we’d highly recommend playing before diving in to a real match.  Still in the Alpha phase of development, Kings Conflict really is an addictive and easy to learn game that offers inventive card design and deep, strategic Chess-like battles against your opponents.

Play the Alpha, Free

I played the alpha and I think it will be fun enough to buy when local multiplayer is available. It’s generally a pretty smooth experience. The music is quite good for a game of this scope as well!


"Two players are trapped in a nearly featureless room. After hours of waiting in near-silence, a loaded gun drops from a hole in the ceiling, falling between them. What is this supposed to mean? What are they expected to do next?"

Nothing Good Can Come of This - A Local Multiplayer Game By Michael Consoli

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I’m the guy who invites friends to his house and has a grip of local multiplayer games. Some are competitive, some are ridiculous. I love to get laughs out of my friends by showing them games like Gentlemen Dispute, but Nothing Good can Come of This may get a startled gasp, which would be really something. I could see playing a few dozen rounds of this when getting together with friends.


Team Revive is another new variant in the Dark World Expansion. It only works in Team Deathmatch mode, where it allows you to resuscitate your dead teammates by standing near their corpse.

As you can imagine, this changes the flow of combat pretty drastically. We’ve had rounds where one team has racked up 4+ deaths and still come out on top. There’s a lot of strategy and mind games involved in deciding when to revive your teammate and when to attack. It also makes where you died important, especially when the time limit runs out and the miasma starts closing in.

You have to stay by a corpse for 1 second before your friend is reanimated. Once you do, there’s a small explosion that will kill any nearby enemies. If you’re going get close and stomp an opponent while they’re reviving their friend, you better be sure you can do it fast!

Along with this variant comes the new ‘2v2 Tournament Rules’ preset. It includes Team Revive, as well as No Autobalance, Symmetrical Treasure, and Bottomless Treasure.


There’s a question at the bottom of this, so please at least check that out and give me some feedback if you’re not going to read this! Thank you!

Here’s the first piece of concept art for my Insanity Jam game. I got already got a design I like for Petalina, which is personally shocking, because I never come up with character design ideas that I actually like so quickly! She has a peach-colored face (peach the fruit, not white skin color) and a cascade of pink rose petals for hair, leaves for arms, and a skirt of red-and-yellow flower petals for legs, which will make her much easier to animate. :) A first concept for a title screen logo is on there, too, but that still needs a lot of work…

Anyway, here are all the details that are currently posted here:

Random Game Idea: A collect-a-thon game where you provide for the most peaceful frozen florists.

Random Game Seed: 49641324255

Title: Petalina in Machine Land

Idea: This is going to be a 3D PlayStation-era-styled collect-a-thon game where you play as Petalina, the flower petal girl, who must jump, float, spin, and dash through gloomy, metal-plated Machine Land to collect the mystical Sun Orbs to melt the magic Florists out of their icy prisons and bring light, color, and peace to the people of Machine Land!

Story: The people of Machine Land lived in peace under their flowery rulers, the Florists. Everything was bright and beautiful, and there were flowers and beautiful trees everywhere. But one day, Machino, a machine man who wants nothing but to dominate the world with machines, attacked the peaceful civilization. With his machines, he captured the Florists and trapped them in ice, and he brought smoke and darkness to the world, covering nature and color with metal and machines.
Every day, the people prayed for salvation until one day, Petalina arrived. Petalina must use her skills to recover the hidden Sun Orbs, melt the florists, and get Machino out!

Additional Ideas: Because this is a collect-a-thon, you’ll also have to collect flower petals to restore your health, seeds to plant a garden that rewards you with new skills, and some other area-specific items to solve puzzles and get past obstacles.

Plan: I’m going to use SketchUp to build the landscape and non-moving scenery of Machine Land and everything else will be done in Blender. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to try to make textures for a nicer look or just flat shade everything for simplicity, but I guess the time frame will decide that for me once I get there!
I don’t know yet if I’m going to have a number of small stages like a true PSX collect-a-thon or if it’ll just be one big medium-sized Area that opens up new areas when you complete certain things… Both are tempting options, but I’m leaning toward the medium sized area so I only have to build one environment. As you collect the Sun Orbs and free the Florists, I want the world to change slightly: more light, more nature (plants and dirt and stuff), and more color in the general area of the Florist you free. I’ll have to see what I can do, but I imagine I’ll have to make multiple models of the world to show that very well. Hmm…

I have no idea if I’ll actually be able to make a whole game with this idea in the time frame, but I’m really going to try hard! I feel like I have the skill to get at least most of the game done, but I know it’s going to be hard. Wish me luck!

One question though! I didn’t think to look up the name “Petalina” until a day after I decided on it when I found that Petalina is a doll brand in the UK… In your opinion, is it OK for me to keep the current title or do you think I should change it? If you think I should change it, what would you suggest as a good name for a magical flower petal girl?


Environmental Station Alpha is an excellent metroidvania action adventure platformer with a cool pixel art visual style, challenging gameplay, intelligent level design and a fantastic soundtrack.

You land on Environmental Station Alpha with only a jump and a nifty blaster gun at your disposal, but in true Metroidvania fashion, you’ll soon unlock some useful upgrades - including a rather handy grapple gun.  The level design is particularly impressive as you wander around the station, with a nice selection of different visually themed areas, challenging platforming and whole areas that will drastically transform.

As you blast and jump your war through Environmental Station Alpha the gameplay is tough, but never unfair.  There’s a nice selection of enemies to take on, all with distinct attack patterns, including over 15 large bosses.  It’s a thoroughly enjoyable metroidvania romp, an old school action platformer that challenges and delights.  

Vote for it on Greenlight & Play the Free Alpha Demo

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