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However advanced a civilization might develop, however clearly might its intelligent scientists understand the laws governing reality, there is one thing they might never be able to understand. The simple question of ‘how it feels like not to exist’ is too complicated for a mortal mind to compute. You have found the answer.

-Teleglitch death screen. It says something different every time, and there’s a lot of dying in this roguelike.

It’s on sale in the Humble Store right now for $4 and change.Teleglitch cover art

Since I had to submit a pic, I decided to submit a pic of a jewish soldier girl. Israel is one of the few countries with mandatory military service requirement for women.

And because you started talking about it, I just wanted to clarify why the Palestinians have so many casualties. That’s because Hamas stores and shoots rockets from areas full of civilians - schools, hospitals, houses, using them as a living shield. When these civilians get a warning from Israel to leave the area, their government tells them to “stay and guard their homes”…  and they obey this order. And then “Bo-hoo-hoo, the evil jews killed our civilians”.

The bottom line is - Israel protects its people from the rockets, Palestinians protect their rockets with their people. So what is Israel supposed to do? Just submit to the rocket rain - THOUSANDS of rockets shot at Israel in just one week? Submit to its enemies that just want all jews dead because that’s what the Quran says? Give even more land to its enemies (this has been done a number of times in the 20th century and it didn’t help because Hamas and most Arab nations don’t want peace, they want extermination). 

Recently they agreed on stopping the shooting for a small period of time to allow the Palestinians to get food and take care of stuff. Israel stopped, Hamas didn’t. That tells you all you need to know. If Palestine stops, there will be peace. If Israel stops, there will be no Israel anymore.

BTW the Arabs are so driven towards the small piece of land of the jews because the jews cultivated it from a desert into an agricultural paradise, center of technological innovation and commerce. Arabs in Israel have a pretty good standard of living. So, yeah. Very “complicated” situation.

This isn’t a political blog, but this is a major world event surrounded by a fog of misinformation. It would be inhuman of me not to share this critical information.

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I learned how to make seamless hand-painted textures today! They’re not, like, the best textures ever, and maybe the grass looks too much like thorns, and maybe the dirt looks a little bit too much like beans, but I’m so excited! I could never figure out how it was done before, but now thanks to this video tutorial I found, organic textures like dirt and grass are actually doable! In GIMP, you can add a little more “seamlessness” if you want: just follow what this guy does and then do a Filter -> Map -> Make Seamless on top of the final combined layer and BOOM! Beautiful seamless textures. :)

I tried bump-mapping these a little bit, but that just looked bad. It also kind of defeats the purpose of the hand-painted look… Oh well!

I’m going to try to do simple hand-painted textures like this for ./Gather, because I think that would do the world the most justice. :)

Ever wonder how textures are made? They’re one of the main aesthetic focuses in high-fidelity games, but the art of making them, and making them well, is scarcely understood. This is a great method for indies to make custom grass/debris/dirt textures.




Paradox? Why not.

A video game that informs the players on internet privacy? As a medium, video games are giving Hollywood a beat-down in this respect. It’s been done in conspiracy novels before, of course, but Off Grid and WatchDogs seem to be leading the pack while the film and TV industry are happy to shrug it off for the most part.


Hyperdrive 3D is a good looking futuristic racing game where the multiplayer is completely integral to the single player experience, yet remains optional.

You’ll be able to complete campaign races to earn credits to upgrade your vehicle, wager credits with other players in multiplayer races with up to 12 other people.  You can upgrade and customise your vehicle to suit you play-style, focusing on speed and handling or making your racer a juggernaut of destruction.

It’s a highly customisable, multiplayer orientated, cross-platform WipEout-style racer, where how you play is up to you.

Sign-Up for the Alpha (PC, OUYA, iOS & Android)

I’ve been saying for a while that futuristic racers are in short supply. Personally, I would focus a futuristic racer on dynamic player choice both for customizing their vehicle and the way they choose to race, but this looks pretty cool also. And it looks really good for something coming out on mobile and OUYA platforms.


Potato salad Kickstarter reaches goal, promises better mayonnaise

Appropriately enough for the July 4 holiday weekend, a crowdfunded campaign to make a batch of tasty potato salad is more than 180 times over its goal and, with 27 days left in the fund drive, is already one of the most successful projects in Kickstarter history.

Potato Salad, to be developed by Zack Danger Brown of Columbus, Ohio, surpassed its $10 funding target within hours of being listed on Kickstarter on Friday, and as of publication time has gathered $1,803 from more than 350 backers.

(Link to the full story)

This man is the god of Kickstarter. There is no Kickstarter that cannot come true, if you just really want it.


Video Game Character Poster - Female Edition

(Male Edition coming soon)

I feel that there should be more female protagonists in video games. The gaming industry in my opinion is such a sausage fest.

Tomb Rader

Portal (Chell and GLaDOS…and Caroline)

Mirror’s Edge

Child of Light

Legend of Zelda


Coming Home

Beyond: Two Souls

The Last of Us (+ DLC)

Bioshock Infinite (+DLC)

Final Fantasy

Kingdom Hearts


Remember Me

Beyond Good & Evil

Heavy Rain

Walking Dead
Mrs. Pacman

Halo (Cortana)

Half Life 2 (Alyx Vance)


Resident Evil

Silent Hill 3

Infamous: Second Son DLC

Halo: Reach

Dragon Age

Mass Effect

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim


World of Warcraft

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